This site is devoted to understanding what sleep is, how it benefits humans and what disruptions in the sleep cycle can lead to in terms of physical and mental abilities.
In particular we are interested in learning how the sleep habits of CA students impact their lives, and very well may affect their abilities to learn on a daily basis.

There are several discussion threads already created to facilitate your focusing your research energies. Pick one or two threads that you would like to be a contributor to and add information you get from your research or from work with others in class on gathering sleep data information to the appropriate thread.

Here is a page of resources that can help yo uget started in your own research; Sleep Resources

You will be graded on a daily basis (only when you have bio class though) on what information you contribute to these threads:

(You may contribute in several ways and should be doing so to earn points for the day)

1. Adding a new research finding with the appropriate citation information that adds to the factual information in the thread. 5 pts for each entry.
2. Build on an existing entry by adding additional facts or adding examples with the appropriate citation. 5 pts for each entry.
3. Edits a prior entry in a meaningful way making this entry more readable and therefore clearer. 3 pts for each entry.
4. Corrects errors information with new information with citation. 3 pts for each entry.
5. Creates new approaches to measure the sleep habits and ways in which sleep is impacted in the CA community including modifications to the existing sleep diary, and/or devises other ways to measure the effects of sleep.10 for each entry pts.

Handouts on MLA citations- click here

Each of you will be working towards getting 25 pts per day by doing any combination of the above ways of gaining points. You are encouraged to collaborate with classmates in developing these threads. You will have class time to work on this and also you can work on this at home. 8:00 am the follwoing day is the cut-off time for any entry to be counted for any given day. This project will run from 5/21 - 6/1.