By Saphpha Khan and Jennifer Johnson

Name: Collagen
- Collagen is the most abundant polymer in nature. Collagen is a natural polymer. You know this because it is a protein. Collagen is found in the bones and skin of all mammals. Some uses for collagen are cosmetic, to make flavored gelatin desserts, and to make violins and guitars.

Method of linking:
- Collagen cross links at four sites. This type of linking helps to make the triple helix form.

The monomers in collagen are:
- Glycine
- Proline
- Hydroxyproline ( a proline with an added alcohol)

Physical Properties:
- Collagen is a triple helix. The cords weave themselves into a cable like the photo below. Collagen is elastic like glue. This elasticity is important because it binds and heals broken bones and other parts of the body.

Picture of Collagen
Picture of Collagen

Chemical Properties:
- The natural Collagen polymer crosslinks. The helices are tightly bonded together.

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